A brief description of Porte IMIC:


Our collection incorporates our extensive knowledge enabling us to create a product high in quality, technical expertise, individuality and elegance. Our products are handmade in Italy using innovative technology


In addition to using advanced technology, we also invest our time in the development of new commercial concepts: creating new means of distribution; striving to achieve new exquisite designs; improving our organisational skills and constantly reaffirm the value of our product and image resulting in competitive prices


Porte Imic is aware of the importance of protecting the environment by taking into consideration the choices we make to leave as little impact as possible on nature, the climate and the environment around us and we are constantly working to reduce energy consumption in production and minimise our environmental impact


Each year Porte IMIC designs new models based on continued research in market trends enabling us to be proactive and innovative

Porte Imic Fabbrica

About us

We have been creating and producing doors since 1956

Porte IMIC produces doors to bring character, style and class to redefine any home, office or property. The raw material is sourced from ecologically sustainable forests and each stage of production, enhanced by advanced innovative technology, is carried out entirely on site

Our Story

Porte Imic, founded in 1956, was just a small craftman’s workshop specialising in the production of furniture, fixtures and fittings. The company continued to grow over time, adapting to changing market trends and is now an outstanding industry, recognised at an international level, for the production and marketing of internal wooden doors. Today Porte Imic is a symbol of exquisite Italian design and sophistication.

In its second generation, Porte Imic is experiencing a great transformation. We have launched a new luxury collection inspired by the beauty of design catering to customers demanding a premium product at a very competitive price 

Our core values

Porte IMIC S.p.A. has always endeavoured to reach new levels in creation, design and manufacture. All the components involved in the creation of our doors: door panels, frames, architraves, sliding door kits, etc are all carried out on site.

We oversee the complete process of manufacture, from the design of the raw material to the finished product, and thus guarantee a stunning high quality product. The scrupulous harmony between craftmanship and innovative technology result in a wide range of products catering to different lifestyles.

Our collection is the result of a deep understanding of individual preferences, taking into consideration trends, from traditional to contemporary, reflecting the customer’s exact requirements. 

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